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If you’ve tried all kinds of video marketing, spent money on all sorts of advertising campaigns, and none of them brought you any long-term return, then we’ve got a different approach for you.

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What’s Involved?

Imagine that you exceed you revenue goals, attract premiere talent to your team, and are always your audience’s first choice with just one video campaign.

We work with you to visually tell your story in a way that your audience connects themselves to the mission, vision, and purpose of your brand.

Brand Story Video packages include:

  • Marketing Video(s) designed for your target audience
  • Copywriting & Voiceovers to tell your story
  • Photography to accompany your marketing video(s)



PHASE 1: Pause

 We hold a discovery meeting with you & listen to your story as well as your business goals.  We then establish market research & listen to your market's interests & trends.


PHASE 2: Play

Based on our findings, we develop ideas & strategies centered around your story and how it best connects to your market.


PHASE 3: Record

We launch your story and review our results. Results are guaranteed, meaning if we miss our goals defined in Phase 1, we'll fix it at no additional cost.

Select your Brand Story Video package today to get started!

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