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If you’re not using video to connect with the 72% of people who would rather learn about products and services by way of video, then your brand is missing a vital connection with your audience.

It’s staggering to learn that video increases brand association by 139% and boosts purchase intent by 97%. Can you afford to continue missing such a profitable opportunity?

Select your Brand Story Video package today to start exceeding your business goals!

What’s Involved?

Imagine that you exceed your revenue goals, attract premier talent to your team, and are always your audience’s first choice with just one video campaign.

We work with you to visually tell your story in a way that your audience connects themselves to the mission, vision, and purpose of your brand.


A sequence of 3 videos comes with our process to make this happen:

  1. “Purpose” Video — Highlights why you are in business and the specific problem you solve for your audience. 
  2. “Expertise” Video — Highlights your expertise and methodology for solving your audience’s problem.
  3. “Product/Service” Video — Highlights the details of your product or service that solves the problem of your audience.

Brand Films That Simply Connect

Here’s what we’ve done for our clients:



PHASE 1: Pause

 We hold a discovery meeting with you & listen to your story as well as your business goals.  We then establish market research & listen to your market's interests & trends.


PHASE 2: Play

Based on our findings, we develop ideas & strategies centered around your story and how it best connects to your market.


PHASE 3: Record

We launch your story and review our results. Results are guaranteed, meaning if we miss our goals defined in Phase 1, we'll fix it at no additional cost.

What They’re Saying

Cheryl Merriweather Unforgettables Atlanta Cake Artist


I was having a problem with capturing the process that is involved with baking and decorating our products in a professional way. It felt like a big relief because I had professionals now involved that knew what they were doing and how to capture my product. I was able to relax and let the experts take over. It looks like I can target a different audience now and begin to market my product more.”

— Cheryl Merriweather, Owner

Cheryl Merriweather Unforgettables Atlanta Cake Artist

The Red Door

“Creating the video for our brand got to the point of not knowing who to hire and what we really wanted, but being familiar with their work made it easier to work with Tater Verse. It was great to have a product done so well. We’re looking to do more projects to build our brand.”

— Sherell Campbell-Daniels, Owner

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