Brand Strategy & Design

You’ve reached a ceiling in growth and are struggling to get past it. People aren’t grasping the value of what you offer, you’re not attracting the right talent to join your team, and your business goals are slipping further and further away.

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What’s Involved?

What if you continue to miss your business goals? What if you never attract the right fit for your team or staff? What if people never believe in the value of your brand and why you’re meaningful?

Strategic brand messaging will maximize customer lifetime value. We work with you to develop your positioning & identity to engage people with why you belong in their lives.

Brand Strategy & Identity packages can include:

  • Brand Purpose & Positioning
  • Logo Design, Color Palette & Typography
  • Messaging & Visuals with Style Guide
  • Web Design, Development & Maintenance
  • Ecommerce & Shipping Solutions
  • Stationery & Marketing Collateral
  • Email & Social Media Marketing Templates
  • Brand Story Videos
  • Branded Photography
  • Lifetime Market Analysis & more!



PHASE 1: Pause

 We hold a discovery meeting with you & listen to your story as well as your business goals.  We then establish market research & listen to your market's interests & trends.


PHASE 2: Play

Based on our findings, we develop ideas & strategies centered around your story and how it best connects to your market.


PHASE 3: Record

We launch your story and review our results. Results are guaranteed, meaning if we miss our goals defined in Phase 1, we'll fix it at no additional cost.

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Your Brand Strategy & Design Packages

Below is an EXAMPLE ONLY of how we scale our packages for Brand Strategy & Design, and does not reflect the entirety of our services.

Packages & pricing for Brand Strategy & Design are entirely based on your specific needs and business goals, so our first step is to have a discovery call to determine where we best fit in helping you grow your business.

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