Tell your story.

Are you at the top of discussion among your audience? If you fail to position your brand's story in the center of their lives, then you risk being forgotten. Or worse: they already don't know who you are and how you can serve them.

Your story is the "meaning of life" of your brand. And everyone loves—and remembers—a good story. Let us help make yours legendary.


Video Marketing

Visually tell your story in a way that your audience connects themselves to the mission, vision, and purpose of your brand. Packages include:

  • Marketing Video(s) designed for your target audience
  • Copywriting & Voiceovers to tell your story
  • Photography to accompany your marketing video(s)
Tater Verse Video Marketing
Atlanta Brand Strategy and Identity

Brand Identity Design

Develop your positioning & identity to engage people with why you belong in their lives. Packages can include:

  • Brand Identity & Positioning
  • Logo Design, Color Palette & Typography
  • Messaging & Visuals with Style Guide
  • Web Design, Development & Maintenance
  • Lifetime Market Analysis & more!

Social Media Services

Consistently engage your audience on social media platforms to connect with them where they are. Packages include:

  • Account & Profile Branding
  • Planning, Scheduling, & Publishing Posts
  • 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee & more!
Tater Verse Social Media Management

Who we've helped

Flik Independent School Dining
Be-Ruth Foundation
Orchestra Noir
Blake Vision Entertainment
Good Pit Bulls
Turner College of Business
Georgia Primary Care Association
Unforgettables, sweets to remember.

What They're Saying

Cheryl Merriweather Unforgettables Atlanta Cake Artist


"I was having a problem with capturing the process that is involved with baking and decorating our products in a professional way. It felt like a big relief because I had professionals now involved that knew what they were doing and how to capture my product. I was able to relax and let the experts take over. It looks like I can target a different audience now and begin to market my product more."

— Cheryl Merriweather, Owner

Cheryl Merriweather Unforgettables Atlanta Cake Artist


"Understanding the direction of my idea and the audience was feeling unattainable. I tend to have ideas with a broad vision, but Tater Verse supported the details which was very supportive for an upstart like myself. They felt reliable, and I felt heard. Now, I’m able to keep with the narrative and vision, sticking to the details of the vision and if I need to revisit, I can."

— Denell Porche', Founder & Organizer

Be-Ruth Foundation

"Before, I had problems adding content to my website and making it user-friendly for my parents. I wasn't making any progress. The quality of work and attentiveness to my needs was a huge burden lifted off me."

— Philanna Swann, CEO/Founder

Cheryl Merriweather Unforgettables Atlanta Cake Artist

The Red Door

"Creating the video for our brand got to the point of not knowing who to hire and what we really wanted, but being familiar with their work made it easier to work with Tater Verse. It was great to have a product done so well. We’re looking to do more projects to build our brand."

— Sherell Campbell-Daniels, Owner

I Am Valuable Mentoring Program

"I could write a dissertation I'm so pleased. The quality of product and the service I received was IMPECCABLE! I was so pleased with my product, I put in another order before the first one was completely finished."

— Stacy Wilson, Founder

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